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Ending Pride Month, Flying High! A Letter from Rockford Area Pride Committee.

Dear Rockford Area:

As the sun sets on Pride Month 2024, we, the Rockford Area Pride Committee, are pleased to once again highlight the success of this year's festivities. This year's celebration was particularly significant, marked by the historic, inaugural Rockford Area Pride Parade on June 1, 2024. We thank the community for its support and look forward to an even bigger and better celebration in 2025.

The Rockford Area Pride Parade brought together people from all walks of life, showcasing the strength and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Families, friends, allies, and supporters lined the streets, adorned in rainbow colors, waving flags, and carrying signs of love and acceptance. The atmosphere was electric with joy, camaraderie, and our shared sense of purpose.

One recent highlight that you may not have known, is that this historic moment in Rockford was not just celebrated here at home. As the most recent iteration of the progress flag was raised over city hall for the first time and the rainbow flag soared at Memorial Hall in honor of LGBTQIA+ veterans, in Washington D.C., another flag flew over the United States Capitol (this time the stars and stripes) in honor of Rockford's First Pride Parade. Thanks to a generous gift from Congressman Eric Sorenson, that flag now resides with the Rockford Area Pride Committee as a permanent memento of our historic march. Amazingly, this flag arrived at the Committee's office at The LIAM Foundation on June 28th, just in time to cap off an amazing Pride Month.

A certificate showing that a flag was flown over the united states capitol in honor of the inaugural Rockford Area Pride Parade.

While many dignitaries were invited to the first Rockford Area Pride Parade, many of them had busy schedules that made their attendance impractical. However, many sent their well-wishes. Governor J.B. Pritzker sent his regards and well-wishes to all those who came to the parade.

Gov Pritzker's Message to Rockford Area Pride
Download • 170KB

The Committee is taking a much-needed break; but watch for updates as we will soon begin planning Rockford Area Pride 2025. In the meantime, you can support our important work by donating either to Rockford Area Pride directly, or to the Rockford Pride Parade Endowment (which is in partnership with the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois). Your generous support will secure future Rockford Area Pride events for generations to come. Links to both are below.

As our Rockford Area Community looks to the future, the spirit of this Pride Month will continue to inspire and drive our community toward greater inclusivity and acceptance. The 2024 Rockford Area Pride Parade will be remembered not just for its historic firsts but for the unyielding spirit of love, unity, and progress that it embodied. We thank you for taking part, and we will see you in 2025.


Rockford Area Pride Committee

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